Garbage Plays at Terminal 5

garbage live 2013

This past Friday I went to my first Garbage concert ever. And it was awesome! I’m not only saying this because I’ve only seen a handful of concerts throughout my lifetime (I can be very picky on who I want to spend my money on) or because I’ve been a fan of this band for the past 7 years or so. They’ve helped me through my late teens and touched my heart like no other musician could… No, I’m saying this because it’s the truth: Garbage rocked that stage for almost 2 hours (!). And they didn’t get tired as the show advanced but rather they pulled out their good stuff right then at the end. All of those classics and also some new songs from their most recent album. “Only happy when it rains,” “Push it,” “You Look So Fine” – they played it all and a lot more. 90ies vibes in the early 21th century – sometimes you just need this. As an encore they presented this girl from New Jersey who simply killed it on the guitar. I’ve never heard anyone play the guitar so well than Marissa Paternoster.

Shirley Manson and Marissa Paternoster
Shirley Manson and Marissa Paternoster

What can I say? Their show was simply amazing! When songs give you goose bumps and you can sing along every single time even though you don’t know their new stuff – that’s when you know it was the right decision to see Garbage!

6garbage live 2013

4garbage live 2013

Terminal 5 is a cool joint in case you’ve ever been thinking about going here. It has three levels and bars on every floor. The drinks are not too outrageously overpriced ($8 for beer and mixed drinks) like Irving Plaza was. After the show my friend overheard that the band usually exits the building at a certain spot so we hurried over there. 40 hardcore friends were already waiting during that the freezing March night. We held out for 20 minutes and then my friend lost her interest (especially after listening to the conversations going on around her). “I don’t think I want to be associate with these stalkers” she exclaimed and we walked to the subway. One girl even looked like Shirley – the red hair, pulled back in a high ponytail, and the exact same outfit. It was a bit scary but I suppose that’s the fun of true fans.

5garbage live 2013

3garbage live 2013

By the way, Shirley did not look her age at all and was still pretty active on stage considering her 46 years. It was great to see a singer act her age and (not pulling off an exaggerated Madonna show).