Original Stores You Can Find in New York

Ever since I came across Ephemeral NYC, I’ve been interested in vintage joints throughout the city. One day I was searching for older post cards from the Big Apple. You know, that little something you can send to your close friends back home because they will actually appreciate the effort. Or a card you can hang on your wall and feel happy about. Well, Ephemeral referred me to this store in Chelsea called Authentiques – a cluttered place with a few hidden treasures. For some reason, I first walked by when they were closed (Monday and Tuesday, so don’t bother going then) and didn’t have the chance to check them out until this past Saturday. I was finally able to weed through their post card selection and to choose a few to my liking. My friend from abroad had asked me to send her one and I was happy to have found some good samples.

authentiques vintage postcards chelsea

Another quaint store, although not vintage, is Greenwich Letterpress. Its merchandise is geared towards the greeting card business and you can find something pretty for almost any occasion. What’s great is that only the front side is typed on and you can add a more personalized greeting in the middle of the card. Greenwich Letterpress also has selections of diary books and other notebooks (which are a bit pricier than you intended on spending your money on). It’s fun to look through their selection and check this cute little store out. A unique trait about Greenwich Letterpress is that the store only prints in letterpress – adding an additional flair of personality to their collection.

Greenwich Letterpress card selection New York
You can find them in the heart of Greenwich Village, on Waverly Place and Christopher Street.

3 thoughts on “Original Stores You Can Find in New York

  1. postcards, stationary, notebooks, journals, pens, pencils… gaaahh. i am crazy about those kinds of stores. so cool that you have some good tips! i think it’s awesome that you will send a few cards “snail mail” to friends and family. it is always such a fabulous feeling to receive something handwritten in the mail!

    congrats on what i think are some good finds! 🙂

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