Cool Places You Can Find Me At (Part II)

A couple of months back I introduced you to nice selection of pages I frequent way too often use to gain some online presence. From then until now, a few changes have happened. And I am incredibly excited and happy to announce that most of these have occurred in a photographic sense.

Number one is …


My dream has always been to have my very own web site, not necessarily designed by a blog or some other platform. So after 2 painful months and lots of back and forth with an actual web designer, I can now proudly present to you: My very own photography portfolio!

So far, I’ve expanded it into 7 categories, all with significantly more pictures than the old portfolio provided. More info on purchasing pictures and pricing for session is also given, in case you are interested in private shoots.

I’ve had some incredibly positive feedback regarding my first dot com and I myself am pleasantly surprised that it has turned out to look so professional. It’s easily accessible and not too complicated when it comes to navigating through the selection of pictures. I hope you enjoy looking at the pages and let me know if you find something input-worthy!

facebook page

Then, you will find more frequent photography stuff on my very own Facebook page! That’s right, just look up and to the right, where you will find the “like” button for Facebook. Yes, I’ve broken down and discovered that being an artist and expressing one’s own talent can be quite successful when sharing it by means of a social media page. You will find albums with the most current shots and also links to the photography blog, where even more current shots will be posted. All in all, I’ve gained more following than initially thought and I hope one day I can work on an exclusive referral base. (don’t forget to hit that “like” button!)


Third, I yelp! I’ve discovered voicing my unannounced opinion and rating bars, restaurants, hotels – pretty much everything on the online social media platform. I’m getting my words out there and have already gotten so-called compliments (you got the “write” stuff, babe). Not that it really means much but I did start relying more frequently on how restaurants were rated on yelp before I head over there. Then again, it’s more fun to explore bars no one has ever ventured to just to be the first person to give a great rating. Sigh, it’s all very time-consuming but also fun and easy to become addicted to. I’d recommend it to anyone who has had a really good or a really bad experience in the service industry and wants to spread the word.

about me page

Last, but certainly not least, find me on About Me – a page which offers an overview of all the online sites you can currently find me under. I don’t remember how I’ve come across this page but somehow I saw it and signed up for it, therefore I am now introducing it to you. It might be sweet for people who are searching in one category or another and discover that you have all the talents they wanted. Either way, I find it quite appealing with the two images you can display on your site and it’s quite easy to walk through, don’t you think?

So far, my online presence has been expanded to the links mentioned above, but when will an end come in sight?! I have recently looked at joining Pinterest as it seems to be the next hot thing in the universe. I am not sure if I’ll ever find the time to sign up for it, though.

Have you guys been stricken by the Pinterest fever? If not, what are your online habits?