Holiday Market at Columbus Circle and Rockefeller Tree

The days are drawing to a close as we approach Christmas Eve. Yesterday I had the chance to experience yet another fancy shmancy market: The Columbus Circle Holiday Market right next to Central Park and close to the shopping mall. Caved in between two cross-overs, it is pretty decent in size and houses many vendors similar to its sister markets at Union Square and Bryant Park. I’ve seen the exact same vendors at all three markets, such as the turning disks which display rapidly changing insects on them.

Holiday Market Columbus Circle - 8

I’ve also gotten the impression that many more jewelry sellers are promoting their merchandise at Columbus Circle than elsewhere. Here I have come across really funky looking rings made of antique brass dating back to the 1940s and equipped with heads of medieval-looking queens. Judy Kaye offers more on her Web Site, in case you are interested.

Holiday Market Columbus Circle - 4

Then I’ve seen Luminite stones featured by Peaceful Presents who were offering a drawing to win an entire set of their lovely art. Of course I had to participate after snapping this lovely picture.

Holiday Market Columbus Circle - 3

There is an actual food court at this market and it looks more organized than elsewhere. People have the chance to eat a variety of different foods, observe their surroundings, and think about what they want to purchase next. Vendors come from different countries. Of course the German Delights stand cannot be amiss. I’ve also come across a French vendor offering oriental spices for cooking and decorating.

As a pre-holiday activity, I planned on checking out the Rockefeller Tree before all of those annoying numerous tourists get to block it on Christmas Day. My way over there was already eventful enough as I walked towards Fifth Avenue and ran across this forest of lit trees.

forest of lit trees

Then the glamorous Fifth Avenue with its displays at the Bergdorf Goodman (possibly one of the most expensive shops around). Hollister’s half-naked models portrayed in the windows (some things never change). A fountain of lights running down a façade.

Bergman Window Deco
Bergman Window Deco
Lit Facade
Lit Facade

And then of course the one and only Rockefeller Tree, already taken in by hordes and masses of tourists. I got as close as I could without having to risk a shove in the elbow or neck and then I made sure to get out of there as safely as possible. I really can’t imagine how I’ve enjoyed a Christmas Day stroll around this part of town after seeing what was going on yesterday. Another cute highlight are the red ornaments displayed on fountains a block over, which I’ve always come to love when I am in the area.

The one and only Rockefeller
The one and only Rockefeller
Cute ornaments a block over
Cute ornaments a block over

The beauty about celebrating the holidays in the City is not so much the actual day but the entire chaos going on weeks before. Macy’s decorations, tree lightings, and all nations imaginable streaming into Manhattan to get some shopping done. Oh yes, this will be yet another eventful Christmas in New York!

[For more pics on the Columbus Circle Holiday Market go to A Picture Every Day!]

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