Photo A Day: December 12 to 20

The challenge is still going on! With 8 more wonderful topics to cover. I admit it, I’ve been cheating a bit. Not all pictures were taken the day they were supposed to go out. And then of course the terrible news on the Sandy Hook Disaster somewhere in between… Boy, the world is definitely not the same as it was before. My heartfelt thoughts go out to everyone affected by the massacre. As the stories reveal more and more details, it is even harder to grasp the high extent of shock this occurrence has evoked.

I therefore embrace this distraction from everyday life and news. It’s still fun to be part of the BeLoveLive photo challenge and so far I’ve come to make ends meet and get that one good picture every day.



Went shopping at Union Square that day. And what is going on? The holiday market, of course! You have a really great view when you walk up to what is now the Burlington Coat Factory Flagship store. On the top floor you have one of the best panoramas of this little speck in Manhattan! So of course I had to snap a picture – needless to say. The sparkling lights of those few little cottages grouped together – festive!



Our ordinary Christmas decoration the roomie hung up the other day. I don’t think it’s too ordinary; she made the best with what she had. Sadly, this year we decided against a tree. I guess it’s not really worth it since half the people living in that apartment are out of town for the actual event. It is great to have some nice ornaments and lights hanging in the living room when you walk through the door.

[Celebration] goes hand in hand with [Joy]


Sneaky! Two days apart from each other but SantaCon fell right in the middle. December 15 was the day, the big “we will get so merry” event. Read more here if you want further details. It certainly was merry, entertaining, and just the right celebration to make me feel joyful shortly before the holidays.



Always love to shop for gifts at Macy’s, my favorite department store at this time of year. It’s close to work and has never failed to disappoint me. Except for when I wanted to buy a wok – that was quite misleading. Other than that, their basement section is well equipped with precious household goods, which always make a great gift for all sorts of people, don’t you think?!



I went to B&H that day and stumbled across these fancy-sounding headphones. Urbanears must be the next hot thing. Perhaps they already are, I wouldn’t know. I still use my iPhone earplugs to listen to music but possibly I will upgrade to a pair of these, as shown in the photo above.



Went to Chinatown. The old and familiar district. Discovered this new store called New Kam Man. Was grossed out by their rusty wok selection but other than that the store has interesting stuff to discover. Such as French waffles with Chinese titles. Or this sample of a special kind of candy I was unable to decipher (my Chinese is about as rusty as their kitchen ware). It was fun to stroll around, look through their snack selection, and of course snag a few items. Such as the one and only wasabi peas, which will surely clear your nose!



Oops, mistake on my end! Instead of reading “carols” I read “cards” (the print is sooo tiny on a cell phone screen!). Luckily I was NOT the only one to make this grand error in context, therefore I didn’t feel too stupid when posting a fancy picture of holiday cards addressed to important people back home. Sometimes I wish for German cards but of course you cannot get these here. So English and Spanish will have to do for the time being. I really hope they make it to their destinations in time but who knows – the postal service is already flooded with last minute mail.



Bought an Advent Calendar at Aldi at the end of last month. Thought it was cute to share with you the simple chocolate ornaments I find each and every day. Granted, I haven’t touched the calendar in 6 days but that was because of some health issues I’ve been fighting. It’s so much more fun to devour them all at once, anyways. So this is what I do to get into the holiday mood, which is somehow not really showing in 2012. Most likely too much going on in my life at this time to concentrate on the real stuff.

One thought on “Photo A Day: December 12 to 20

  1. It was surprisingly hard for me to find cards in German last year. For some reason all the stores I had checked were overloaded with English. I did end up finding some at Galeria Kaufhof. I was lazy this year and used the same ones since I had leftovers but might buy new ones next year. Remind me and I can send you some next year.

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