“When Christmas Came Early” OR “The Day I Discovered Groupon”


You must think I am not from this world when you see the title above. “Groupon? Isn’t that the old deal of clipping coupons in an online fashion?!” you must think while slapping your head simultaneously. Let me tell you something about Groupon: It’s simply amazing!

A friend mentioned it to me about it a little bit more than a year ago: Elena and her husband actually went on a few dates at restaurants because they found really good online deals. She told me the site was great to try out new cuisines and acquire exotic tastes (this was after a discussion we had about whether or not restaurant week is worthwhile). Then, only 2 months back, another friend kept blabbing off how wonderful of a steak house she had discovered with her boyfriend when they found this amazing deal on Groupon. Once again, Groupon! But what finally got me convinced was not even that. No!

It was more-of when my coworker announced one day that he would be going to a “Cook & Go” Party the following weekend because of this awesome bargain he had found on …. you guessed it, GROUPON! This made me prick my ears! “So Groupon does offer other stuff than restaurants, doesn’t it?” where my first thoughts. I then skimmed through their web site and what I saw took more than a few hours to digest: Language classes, flight lessons, cooking courses, body language experiences, cocktail mixing licenses, fitness passes, and and and… And most of these discounted anywhere from 60 to 90 percent off the original price! I am now a convinced member of Groupon and grudgingly suck it up when they e-mail me their daily deals every.single.morning. I can hardly wait to see if the flight lessons are available or if I still have to save up a bit until I take that final step.

Some deals I definitely had to pass on. That Cook & Go bargain was certainly one I would have loved to try out but unfortunately I was too late. The way Groupon and other coupon sites work is fairly easy to understand: Deals are posted and then there is a certain time for them to close down. Sometimes it can take weeks, other times you won’t find the discount a few days later (such as with Cook & Go). Of course a good amount of the stuff might be re-advertised at some point in time, don’t panic. The more people to grab that groupon, the more it can be discounted for the next time (I believe). Either way, it’s a great concept to introduce people to a restaurant/gym/salon and to get them to come back to your joint. Every day is sales day on Groupon! Which was why I went overboard in the very first week and bought groupon’s worth almost 200 bucks.

groupon - body language class

First, I had to buy a gift voucher for that body language class I’ve never really been thinking about taking desperately always wanted to take (you get the self-justifying psychology in this one, right?!). Sometime next year I’ll be sitting in 3 hours worth of tutoring on how to detect signs of when my opponent might feel uncomfortable during our conversation. This could be helpful when it comes to interviews or everyday situations. Gah, I will be watching you!

groupon - fitness classes

Second, I will go for 10 fitness classes at a gym right around the corner from where I live! I’d been thinking about picking up on sports again but didn’t really find a place and price that suited my needs. 30 bucks for 10 classes seemed like a fair deal to me. But the best part about it is that I already know the location and feel quite comfortable with the walking distance from my house.

groupon - martial arts

Third, after all of that zumba, yoga, and what not, I will pick up on self-defense in one of the best Martial Arts Schools in NY (at least that is what Yelp reviews brag about). I will learn how to stay fit, healthy, and confident throughout a two month phase.

groupon - beginner language class

Last, but not least, I will pick up on a new language next year: Time to learn Portugese! ABC Language schools offered this sweet groupon for less than 100 dollars during which I could do an All-Beginner-Class for 6 weeks straight. For 90 minutes each week I will hopefully know how to order a coffee or say hello and goodbye whenever I stop by in Brazil and Portugal. I figured this language would give me more benefit than Italian, even though this is also a beautiful romantic language. Other options, for those of you who want to know, are Spanish, French, and German. But since I already speak those three, it really did not make much sense for me to start from scratch.

Once again, I am baffled at all the choices this wonderful city holds open to those who seek. Of course you have to be careful that you don’t grab bargains from areas that are considered “ghetto” (stay away from certain parts of the Bronx and Bedstuy!). Or you have to take into consideration that if traveling time to Jamaica/Queens takes you more than an actual fitness course, the deal is most likely not worth it. The discounts apply mostly for a time frame of a few months. Anywhere from 1 month to 6 months – check the fine print. It’s a great way to pick what you might want to pursue, such as a passion for martial arts or getting to know other’s bodily expressions really well…

So, now you know more about my life and love to try out new things than I’ve recently posted. I’m still contemplating if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but meanwhile I would also like to tell you that LivingSocial is another biggie when it comes to Daily Deals. I have not yet purchased anything from them because I am still broke from Groupon but will do so when time and funds permit. Happy pre-holiday shopping to you!

(Author’s note: To get to all of those wonderful sites mentioned above, simply click on the different images!)

9 thoughts on ““When Christmas Came Early” OR “The Day I Discovered Groupon”

    • Yeah, I agree! I still have to give my boyfriend a cook and go gift, which is cooking your own meal (French, Asian etc) under supervision of a pro and then eating it in a restaurant-type setting! Do you take advantage of it overseas?

      • I haven’t yet, since without a car or a lot of knowledge of the area, it would be tough to take advantage of some of the offers that I get sent. Plus, nothing has really caught my eye. I do get the emails, though – and the travel deals look pretty good!

  1. I found out there is a version of Groupon for Germany. Haven’t found anything I need yet but it’s worth looking. That’s pretty cool you have found so much. I did not know you speak Spanish and French in addition to German and English. If you nail down Portugese you’ll be Pentalingual. Very cool. I wouldn’t even consider myself conversational yet in German and know only a very little bit of Japanese and Spanish. I found out last night that my husband must have had some French exposure at some point as he taught me how to ask if someone speaks English in France (where we’ll hopefully be able to visit soon). I may try to learn some more French and some basic Italian phrases so I’m not totally lost when we visit…or can at least ask if someone speaks English or where a bathroom is.

    • Groupon has been by number one reason of why I am so broke lately – ouch! The Portuguese class is a ton of fun, I do have to say. Latin languages are related to each other so it’s not hard to pick up on another if you have mastered one. I learned French in high school and could still get around with it. I am not fluent in Spanish but certainly want to be. Will see how it goes.
      Japanese sounds very cool. I heard that it is similar to Korean. When are you guys heading to France? I assume the pasaporte has arrived! Oh, it’s always good to have some basic phrases ready. Good luck in practicing those! 🙂

  2. Uh oh lol. Glad the class is fun. I am not sure how similar the two are but if we end up stationed in S. Korea I may be able to let you know lol. We went to France Feb 2nd. Yep, the passport arrived a few months ago. I just hadn’t gotten to use it. We only went as far as Strasbourg, but plan to go to Paris also at some point. I realized how much more German I know than I thought when I was wandering around France thinking of all the things we might look for that I know the German words for. Of course at that part of France, there was also a lot of German being spoken which made me feel a little less lost.

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