Photo A Day: December 7 to 11

I have been sick. Terribly sick. First the flu and then a stomach bug. Vicious little creatures, those things. So I’ve basically been lying around, feeling like a boxer after the last strike. For 2 weeks straight with only small episodes in between where I felt healthy enough to walk and talk. How I hate when a winter starts off that way. And even more when I cannot write and read what is going on in the world around me.

It’s almost been about a week since the last time I posted on here. Time to catch up with the PhotoADayChallenge. And lots of more things! But those will come soon, in the next few days, promise! Oh, all those wonderful blog post ideas I have… *chuckle*



I saw this one the first time in spring. And it is still there! A fancy set of a table and chair on my way to the Flatiron District. In the storeowners’ opinion, I guess every day is the day to have some good wine made of dark grapes. I am happy to see these pieces of color now at this time of year, when it is getting grayer and darker as the days hurry by.



Or rather a lot of strangers on the subway. Two children looking out of the window while crossing the Manhattan Bridge on the Q-train. Their mother sitting right next to them, occupied with her own thoughts of the day. A guy listening to his headphones… Scenes of everyday commuter life making it so special and unique. Just on Monday I rode the train with a mother who had her 2 and a half year old son with her. At first he was crying and throwing toys on the dirty ground. Then he saw other children and wanted to share his firetrucks with them. Some of them smiled back at him, others got freaked out… Guess you gotta love it or hate it!



There are many things I love. A hearty brunch consisting of a huge stack of pancakes, for one. Devouring it in one of the most famous restaurants in Greenpoint, for two. And then of course spending this occasion with my love, the boyfriend. Those rare Saturday mornings that have happened lately. By the way, Five Leaves used to be owned by Heath Ledger (yes, the Australian movie cutie)! More about this location to come soon, though!



This was not taken the same day it was supposed to be posted. However, I heart this picture because it reminds me of a great time I had when I took it: Around the same time last year, in a church, with many festive occasions going on. Candles can convey such a warm feeling that they can only be lit during very special times, don’t you think?

[Daily News]


This is an example of what our daily subway newspaper looks like. Well, I actually do not think it is a subway newspaper; however, MetroNews is almost always handed out close to the subway (same with AM, another New York publication). It is free of charge and most of the time the people handing it out look like homeless people (and most likely are). Sometimes I see very young fellows handing them out who look like volunteers so I wonder if this is a means for them to work off their community service or if they stand in any relation to the newspaper… Who knows!

Now, since I actually don’t read it too often (I am mostly absorbed in one of the quazillion books I bring with me), I don’t know what this particular story was about. However, only one week ago, a random passenger was pushed onto the tracks at 49th Street by a panhandler (who was possible slightly insane) and died after a NY Post reporter captured a picture of how he got run over by an approaching train. The morals of this, oh dear, I do not have to go into this. It’s just scary to think how many people choose not to help you when you are in a dangerous situation like this. And the NY Post photographer made a lot of money with his despicable picture!

One thought on “Photo A Day: December 7 to 11

  1. Sorry you have been sick. Recently I ended up going home with one bug on Monday and missing Tuesday, and then by Friday had already come down with an even worse one. Such a drag. Hopefully you are past it and won’t catch another this season.

    That is crazy about the man getting killed at the subway. It is really scary to think about things that can happen that no one can or will help you with.

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