Photo A Day: December 4 to 6

Three days passed, three lovely motives to choose from! I enjoy scrolling through Instagram and seeing what other participants have come up with. The rock motive from today, for instance, was taken with a literal, figurative, and symbolic meaning attached to it. But let’s go back two days and start with


dec4 - tree

This wasn’t too hard. I guess Liz picked it because trees are pictured all over December. Christmas trees, fir trees, leafless tress… You name it! I thought about going for an old-school fir tree lit with a quazillion candles like you see all over the place. But then I walked past Uniqlo on 34th Street and the red lights matched the stores scheme: Holiday Sales Season. I’m actually not a big fan of their selection and the store in general. Their prices are a bit steep for the quality of clothes they offer. I was thinking about snagging some warm underwear from then because of their heat protection but am unsure if I really want to spend $50 on this… Help me make a decision! Is this a reasonable price?


dec5 - message

True, this is not a real message as intended only for me. Instead it gets the message across to a bunch of people: Korean Lunch Special! And it surely attracted me. The Worjip is most likely the least fancy place I’ve been to in Koreatown (which can be quite chique, believe it or not). Lots of students come here to grab a cheap lunch, and since I could still pass as one of those… Anyhow, they offer a really good deal with their $6-Buffet and a good selection of kimbap (similar to Sushi but not really) for only $5. Every time I go to Little Korea, I leave the place a little bit happier.


dec6 - rock

I guess this word can have several meanings. I really couldn’t think what rock to take a picture of (was briefly considering Rockefeller Center), so luckily I remembered that “rocking it out” can also be conveyed in this term. Voila, here we go: A street performer band playing in Herald Square. A subway station I see every day when I go to work. So when I got off work today they were performing in this awesome costume. Funny, huh? I love how it’s the small things like these that can make my day and remind me where I am at. In one of the craziest cities of the universe!

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