Flying Solo: Be.Love.Live’s Photo a Day Challenge

It’s on – AGAIN! The Photo A Day Challenge has once more attracted me but this time for a very different reason: Liz from Be.Love.Live has started her very own list and come up with 31 gorgeous topics to cover during the month of December. Since it is her very first time trying out a challenge she has created, I thought I’d give it a shot and show some support for a fellow (blogger) friend. I also find most of her daily themes very appealing and don’t think I will have too much of a hard time in following it this time around. Well, you know me – until I run out of time am bored have other things to do.

However, this time I feel that the participants are being kept in a more intimate circle and I really enjoy seeing what everyone else comes up with as the days go by. Of course this entire challenge is Instagram based (see more here). However, I won’t be posting a picture every day on Instagram. Which is why I decided to still snap my daily photo and then simply blog about it on this site.

Please find the fantastic list below:

Be.Love.Live Photo a Day Challenge for December
Be.Love.Live Photo a Day Challenge for December

And here I am, ready to cover Day 1 to Day 3:


dec1- red

Red is the color of the Christmas tree bow I discovered when strolling through Park Slope on a decently warm Saturday afternoon. I really want a tree for our apartment this year but with the smallest one being $25 plus a $10-dollar-stand I still have not yet decided if it’s really crucial to have one or not. The bows are fancy, nonetheless, as is the ultimate flower of the season –a poinsettia. I found the flowers at our local Loewe’s store, the very first time I actually entered it.


dec2 - hope

Hope can be expressed in many different ways. Sunday was the day I finally started feeling better from a week-long illness called the flu. And it was also the first time I actually went out and met up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Since a girl from Brazil was leaving back to her home country, we had a get-together and I met a lot of cool new people at a local Williamsburg bar. Unfortunately, the Zebulon is closing down really soon (in a couple of weeks) and I could not believe that I’d never heard a concert here before. Well, until now err yesterday, that was. Eastern-African music mixed with nice swaying tunes – gosh, a free concert which is actually good; in the winter time! So I hope to have more of these evenings during this season because it proves to be very difficult to party here once the cold kicks on (luckily, it has not been too bad yet, fingers crossed).


dec3 - waiting

I snapped this photo while waiting at the W4 Subway Stop (Greenwich Village). A military guy (most likely Army) and a random girl waiting for the uptown A express train to rattle in. It’s a blurry shot but I find it interesting. You really don’t see too many servicemen and –women in New York, which is why it’s fascinating once you run across one. Oh, and of course waiting for the subway is another crucial part of life when living in the Big Apple.

Alas, more to come from the fancy shmancy holiday list! I plan on posting every three days or so – we will see how it works out. I highly encourage you to still participate, even though you missed out on the first few days. It’s always nice to spread the word and idea to see which part of the www is sucked in!

6 thoughts on “Flying Solo: Be.Love.Live’s Photo a Day Challenge

  1. yay! so honored that you are gonna be a part! i’m really glad you like the words/themes. and you are so sweet for showing your support. 🙂

    i love your pictures! the hope one is a great capture of fun! and the waiting one is just beautiful – snapping such an ordinary & yet extraordinary moment. keep up the great work!


  2. Cool to see another Photo a Day. Good luck! I wonder why that guy was at the subway in his uniform. At least around here no one wears it off post (although it’s very easy for people to peg the male soldiers because of their haircuts lol). I have seen people travel in airports in the States in them but I know a lot of people don’t because they don’t want to call attention to the fact they’re military.

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