Tasty Eats in Brooklyn: North Slope

As already mentioned in Tasty Eats in Brooklyn: South Slope, I am not a resident of this area anymore. So eventually it became time to try out what exactly my new neighborhood has to offer culinary-wise. With great success! From all of the 5th avenue spots, I have selected another three good ones, which have become one of my favorite eats over the past 3 and a half months.

1) Los Pollitos II

The very first restaurant I got to try out the day I moved here: Los Pollitos II. The number II is very important, as there is another one on Fifth Ave which I haven’t gotten the chance to try out yet. So we ordered Enchiladas the first day we dropped in. Some good enchiladas! And with $9 – 14 totally manageable. The max of cheapness came with brunch, though: Food and three drinks for a total of 12 bucks! Who can top this? No one! The food comes in Mexican and other Middle-American cuisine style. Huevos Rancheros, mushroom quesadillas, spinach corn omelets – the list goes on.

The portions can be extensive but sometimes they can also taste rather bland than well-seasoned, especially the rice sides. The drinks are well-mixed and two of these have so far been enough for me to get my day going. Even though they include up to three drinks, I wouldn’t over-do it. The Bloody Mary is not my favorite but the Mimosa and Screwdriver are good options. I found myself having overeaten here in the first two months, as I went here too often for brunch. After all, it is just around the corner… I shall return once my appetite for this type of food comes back. And who can top a $15 brunch deal ( with tax and tip included)?

2) Rosewater

A truly amazing dinner spot! I heard their brunches also rock, but so far I have not had the opportunity to try them out at this time of day. I discovered this quaint restaurant one day when walking down from 6th Avenue. It is on Union Street, between 6th and 5th. Hidden behind its romantic, rose-burdened wood fence, successfully shielding the outdoor front area from passerbys, it looked inviting and cozy at the same time. So one day in August we decided to check it out for good and got a great dinner out of it.

The menu consists of seasonal vegetables and dinner options. We started off with appetizers in the form of fried zucchini and a strawberry blue cheese salad. Yum! The salad was my favorite and the combo of fruit and cheese is unbeatable. Then we went on with a polenta served on top of mixed greens. My friend ordered fried chicken, which he said tasted good.

Strawberry blue cheese field salad
Polenta with mixed greens
Fried chicken entree

Both dishes looked appetizing, even though I found the portions to be rather small in size. With prices averaging $25 dollars for an entrée it can be on the pricier side but the quality you get is worth what you pay. The dessert was the absolute highlight: We devoured a blueberry cake topped with vanilla ice cream. You just know when something is made the right way!

Blueberry pie topped with vanilla ice cream – so good!

3) Alchemy

I went here on three occasions – twice for dinner and once for brunch. While their veggie burger option was good but not mind-blowing, brunch was most likely on the more interesting side. We happened to order one of the better Bloody Mary’s in town – great seasonings, many olives, just what I am looking for in a drink to start of the day. Their egg dishes were tasty and well made up. I got to try their well-sized eggs benedict, served with a side of seasoned fries and mixed greens.

What I really like about this restaurant is that the servers are fast without being pushy and that they offer a big outdoor patio in the back of the joint.

One of Alchemy’s brunch options

My quest to find more good Brooklyn eats continues. Park Slope also happens to have a great bar culture, which I am eager to share with you in another post! Chin Chin!

One thought on “Tasty Eats in Brooklyn: North Slope

  1. Great follow-up to your South Slope reviews. I was wondering, what part of Brooklyn would make a great place to stay for the winter holidays? If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

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