Tasty Eats in Brooklyn: South Slope

Ever since I started trying out some decent brunch spots and dinner locations, I’ve been burning to share a few restaurants with you. Manhattan is not the only borough that has to offer high class cuisine at a decent price, of course. Brooklyn stands undefeated in its cuisine, being one of those areas I had the chance to extensively explore. As it comes to no surprise, the South Slope, my home for one and a half years, is the first location I’d like to share with you. Now, the South of Park Slope reaches anywhere from 9th Street to 21st Street along 4th Avenue to Prospect Park West, sometimes even above this avenue. Back in the days when I was still living close to Prospect Park, three fine locations in particular have grabbed my attention.

1) Giovanni’s

One of the finest brunch spots I have found so far! Located near 17th Street and 8th Avenue, it is unfortunately nowhere close to where I live now. However, I had the chance to try out this Brooklyn-Eats-approved location multiple times in the cold winter months, when indulging in different food cultures becomes an obligatory activity. What I adore about their menu the most: The food is extensive! Not only do you get one but two courses: Antipasti and Secondi. So far I’ve yet to come across this elsewhere so Giovanni’s will remain the true leader in indulgence.
Another great thing: Unlimited alcohol. Now for all of you who are hopefully pricking their ears: Offering unlimited drinks or a few free drinks during brunch is a New York thing. Brunch culture in this city has gone way overboard and currently an array of restaurants compete to offer the best deal in town. While I had my share of watered down Bloody’s and Mimosas (champagne with orange juice), this eat takes both drinks and serves them in a decently portioned way. Bloody Mary’s might be lacking a bit of flavor, but most certainly contain alcohol. Mimosas are mixed just right and served in a huge glass.

What to get food-wise: I am a big fan of their spinach salad and granola as first course options. They also offer wonderful egg dishes in the second round. Particularly their omelet and eggs benedict have proven in the past to be delicious.

Granola Dish
Eggs Florentine
Omelette served with chopped potatoes and greens

Be aware that portions are huge! Maybe it’s just the combo of the two, but either way you are most likely not going to be able to finish both without filling your stomach to the max. 16 bucks for food and drinks – not bad for this side of town. Cheers!

2) Le P’tit Paris Bistro

A different restaurant I have introduced my friends to is right around the corner from my old apartment. The French Le P’tit Paris Bistro caters to all age groups – I have seen young adults throw a party here and Slopers in their 60ies celebrate happy tea hour. Their brunch menu changes occasionally but I have so far tried out some of their egg dishes, which were decent sized, albeit I found myself ordering fries the one or other time.

Their brunch crepe is served with goat cheese and mushrooms, met by a nice side of fresh salad. One thing I truly recommend: their pancakes! It’s more like a fruit cake, really! A huge plate of baked dough topped with strawberries, pine apple, mango, powdered sugar and drops of fine jelly! Delicious! And so much! It’s hard to digest at times, by any means. Back then they did not offer a special but nowadays I found their sign to read: Unlimited drinks for an added dollar amount (I believe an additional $6). Which could be a good deal, considering that food by itself only costs 10 dollars. Let me know if you get the chance to try it out.

Paris Bistro’s awesome crepes!
Paris Bistro’s huge pancake with a fruit salad

3) Bar Toto

Now to dinner: Of all Italian restaurants I tried out in Park Slope so far, this one is my favorite. Right on the corner of 11th St and 6th Avenue, it was closer to my 7th Avenue apartment I shared with the Belarusians back in the days. Then the boyfriend and I have discovered this to be one of our favorite dating spots. For very good reasons: Good food, good booze, quiet atmosphere.

We usually find ourselves ordering Italian Peroni to start the night out. Then, another goodie: Their huge Olive plate. Huge, by the way, is not an exaggeration in this case. The size is meant for two persons or for someone who can eat two portions at once. Three different olive types are arranged in a neat bowl, seasoned with olive oil and other herbs. Their pizzas here are also very good. I have so far tried Pizza Margharita and Toto Vegetale (keep in mind, I am a veggie). Their pies are thin-crusted and in no way resemble the oversized American/Brooklyn pizza you find around here. So it is truly Italian and that is what I aim for sometimes. Their wild mushroom and cheese pasta has so far also been a great success.

It is good if you want to escape the 5th Avenue craziness just one block over as it is sheltered on an inconspicuous corner that it has often been overlooked by me until I had the desire to try it out.
Bar Toto’s outdoor seating is great, even though this will not be a main asset for too much longer as winter is acoming. However, keep it in mind for all seasons, as they do have a great inside salon, too.

Bar Toto’s Peroni

Of course there are more try-worthy eats in the South Slope than this. This is just what I prefer so far. Unfortunately, my current life style does not drag me close to it anymore. Stay tuned for “Eats in the North Slope” and until then read more reviews on my yelp!

Have a fabulous weekend, dearies!

7 thoughts on “Tasty Eats in Brooklyn: South Slope

  1. I love the information you provide about New York; I didn’t make it too far into Brooklyn on my first voyage to New York. I hope to come back soon to get a real feel of Brooklyn. Your dining suggestions will surely help. Thanks.

  2. great tips! i’d love to try those places out one day. and, for the record, i looooove brunch. such a fantastic invention.:)

    • Yes, I came to loooove brunch, too, especially after moving here. The restaurants you have are just incredible! They really do offer great deals I have so far yet to see in Europe.

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