Published Interview on InterNations!

Liz from Belovelive happened to be featured in an interview conducted by InterNations just a few weeks back. And last week Monday it was my turn. I received a comment from Simona from the aforementioned organization telling me how she would like to recommend my Web site as a Top New York Expat Blog. What great news!

I submitted my interview to her on late Friday evening and, after a fast-turn-around, this Monday morning it was already published on their homepage!

So far this has been my second writing featured on an expat blog (see a copy of my first one here). My interest in these organizations has increased over the past few months and I am happy to be a part of their featured articles every once-so-often.

InterNations makes the appearance of being a serious go-to-site for expatriates as they are represented in 300 different cities world-wide. To sign up for them you first have to be approved by their staff, in the form of a personal invitation by one of them. For me, the wait has only been one business day and I am sure someone is checking every application thoroughly before given an approval.

The online expatriate community presents guides for different forums and areas, such as living and working abroad, intercultural communication and culture shock. These are all topics I personally find entertaining and also very helpful. I am sure I won’t be the only one weeding through these write-ups in the following days, as many fellow expats will surely be able appreciate the one or other piece of advice featured in these articles.

Check out my interview on the InterNations homepage to see some tips and tricks on life in New York. Find my favorite blog posts and some anecdotes on my German friend and on daily life in general.
To look into more recommended reads on the Big Apple, click here for 2 very different and also very insightful blogs.

I hope you enjoy this little excursion into expat life (something we can hopefully all call ourselves at some point in life)! I wish InterNations much success in building up an even greater readership and in gaining more interesting writers for their articles yet to be published!

10 thoughts on “Published Interview on InterNations!

    • haha, thanks girl! I have a feeling InterNations might have stumbled across me after weeding through who comments on your blog… Just a feeling, though! Hope you have a good one!

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