WordPress Mysteries I Possibly Will Never Understand

Recently I’ve been noticing a few things on WordPress which I just cannot ignore. Things that have puzzled as well as bothered me and I want an explanation. Right now! Or at least a feedback on how they work for others.

It appears that this blogging site has undergone some changes throughout the last year I have started blogging with them. Some of which I really adore, such as the new designs they’ve come up with. Or the handy layout which makes it much easier to sap through categories and tags on the overall WordPress.

But somehow these changes have also affected other parts.

1) How can you like a post on WordPress without even looking at it?

I’ve noticed this phenomenon especially with my other blog, A Picture Every Day. On this blog I never post in words but only in pictures. Hence people tend to like the posts more rather than commenting on them. But since February I’ve seen 10 people like a random post as soon as it published and the site stats were still at 0. At the end of the day I might have had 5 stats for this post while more people had liked it then clicked on the actual page.
How is that possible? Can you hit the like-button when you search a certain tag and not even click on the blogger’s page? I really do not have any other explanation other than this and I would be grateful for anyone who could enlighten me in the process of finding out the potential problem areas.

2) How can you change the layout of your blog so that you can get rid of the “scroll down” button?

It used to be so easy! You just hit older posts or newer posts to rewind or fast-forward through a blog. But now WordPress makes it so much harder for your browser. Instead of one window bearing only 5 posts (or 10 or 15, whatever you set it to) at once, they are expecting it to carry 20 or 30 or an indefinite number of posts. Depending on how often you click that scroll down button. Needless to say, this will eventually make your browser crash. Since you are not only posting in words but also in pictures and not everyone formats these in thumbnail size.

So these two things are the two main points that have bothered me in the past half a year.

Others are just subjective parts of my daily frustration attempt of dealing with more traffic on my site. Since May 2012 it seems that an average of 50 to 52 clicks has leveled out. The all-time high was in May when I had a monthly turn-around of 1574 clicks. Wohaaa! Thanks to friends sharing my Street Art post (read more here) and the Lotus Hom Review (read more here), I’ve been grateful to have more clicks than ever imagined. And the average high of 142 came around just a few weeks after this, on June 2.

But other than that, it appears that people are just randomly finding my blog through dubious google search term such as “naked girl in Germany” or other sleezies. So I’ve been wondering how other bloggers do it! Do you have a great following? I currently have 69 people subscribed to my blog. As I can tell, not everyone clicks on my site as soon as a post publishes, otherwise I would have an average of 69 clicks. Which is absolutely fine. Take a mere 50 percent out of that, and I am happy as a clam.

Do you promote your blog on Facebook? I’ve been seeing some writers have their own profile on a Facebook page and have though about opening up my very own. But does it really help to increase traffic or is this just a simpler tool for socializing? Does more blogging show results? I used to post 4 times a week. It has gone down to an average of 2 times a week. But thanks to the Photo A Day Challenge I’ve jacked up my writings to the 4-a-week again. Well, let’s see how it goes this month. So to everyone who posts almost every day: Does it really help to increase traffic?

All of these issues are fairly confusing to me former Internet ignorant. Maybe you have some answers to:
How many clicks to you get each day? And how big is your following? Has it increased over time or stayed the same from the beginning? Questions over questions, gimme some feedback!

WordPress has so far been my number one choice in blogging. I looked at tumblr, blogspot and other species but just couldn’t seem comfortable with adjusting to those sites. The one thing WordPress has that others do not: The Freshly Pressed Site. Updated daily and giving greenhorns but also experienced writers a great platform to share their thoughts. Not to forget the other possibilities that make it so much easier to connect to other bloggers. I’ve been playing around with the “publish later” feature and other goodies and have come to adore them. Hey, pressing a post while you are still sound asleep? How convenient is that! But after 165 166 posts and almost 14 months of blogging I am still left hanging when it comes to the issues above…

9 thoughts on “WordPress Mysteries I Possibly Will Never Understand

  1. I am not sure if there is a way to “like” a post without being on the page (although I wonder if some finding it through the tags might be going to the home page and not the post itself?). I haven’t noticed the scroll down issue as I thought it was up to your layout settings how many posts show at a time in the home page and archives and whether they show as intros or the full post.

    As to the questions, I do have a FB page but not just for my blog although I know many do that. I have a writer page where I post links to other things I’ve written as well as blog posts. I’m not sure if it specifically helps since the stats only show when traffic comes from FB, not if it’s coming from me posting to my writer page or my personal page. I’ve had 440 all time referrals from FB out of 9,912 views, which is the most of any source except search engines. (I get some strange search terms too; it’s interesting to me what gets people to my blog when sometimes they are things I’ve never posted about).

    The number of clicks I get each day varies but the average this year is 48 and the highest was 201 on June 14th which surprises me considering I didn’t post anything that day lol. I have 55 followers at the moment which is definitely an increase in number from the beginning although the number who add monthly are pretty close. I had 10 in the first month and a half (about 8 1/2 months ago), and have gotten about 15 in the last month and a half.

    • Thanks for your well-thought-out answer! I’ve been thinking about creating a facebook page for quite a while now. Just can’t pin it on photography or writing, both are becoming more and more serious parts of my life as we speak.

      I know right? Those search terms are sometimes just completely out of my way but that’s ok. If they make people click on this blog, why not. Well, you seem to have a great turn-around with yours, congrats to that. I started out with 30 to 40 clicks a day, yours seems to be blowing up faster than this one! 🙂

      • No problem. Why not do it on both? Unless you plan on doing photography as a business and think writing posts would conflict. There are a lot of people who have pages for mostly one thing but then post a lot of other things on their life which people apparently like.

        lol yeah you never know. They might get there from crazy search terms and decide to stick around. Thanks. I’m pretty happy that it’s taking off since when I started I figured I’d have a few readers I knew and that was it and now I don’t personally know the majority.

  2. i use a mac and your scroll works as smooth as smooth…

    “likes” can be check in the READER look under your W pull down menu… everyone you follow shows up there when they post…

    some bloggers use Google Reader too, but although i have it, i don’t use it.

    go to your dashboard>settings>reading settings and click to infinity and beyond (scroll infinity) (this shows seven posts on each load}

    thanks for nominating five reflections for an award, but i don’t post them – rather focus on creativity and friends – nothing personal for not posting…

    i rather have a ‘like’ than a visit count… those number can be misleading

    i like the new notifications WP is using, you can actually reply from the pulldown.

    time is limited and if you had 1 million followers… some twitter users like @Ladygaga has 26,680,209 followers can you imagine 🙂

    David in Maine USA

    • pardon my errors in the comment above… ‘thanks for nominating five reflections for an award’ should have read – ‘thanks for the challenge to your the Game’ but i just try to answer your questions – sorry i’ve had awards on my mind lately – not that i don’t approve of them, just that i am not interested…

      back in the 1950s i was inspired by an english teacher, and became interested in words and how in combinations they paint images in the readers mind. the most amazing thing about these images, is that the reader sees them in relation to his or her life, and not as some standard meaning.

      shapes and colors, light and shadows capture viewers attention, where other viewers may not even notice… i love the freedom imagining how beautiful the individual mind works do independently from a group of people…

      thanks for your interest…

      i admire your courage to move from you home town into a huge city and make it your home… that is what attracted me to your wordpress ‘aim for the impossible’

      David in Maine USA

      • Thanks for taking your time and answering the Game’s questions! It is a very interesting writing aspect you are approaching and everyone has their own mental image of what they come up with. Very true!

        Thank you for your compliment. It takes less courage to have a new life somewhere unknown than to actually leave what you had behind.

    • hah, 1 million followers? No, I cannot imagine! That’s too big for me, I am satisfied with what I have. 🙂

      I wen to the reading option and it seems that part is disabled with mine because of the widgets i use… I will look into this one further once I have more time. Thanks for your awesome tips!!!

  3. Hello! I’m sorry if my question would seem so out of topic… but, I’ve been trying to make a homepage with the nucleare theme (like what you have here on your site) but I just can’t get the hang of it 😦 If it wouldn’t be a bother to you, could you kindly tell me how to make a homepage? It bothers me that, instead of short excerpts, whole blog posts are on my home page… Thanks in advance! 🙂

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