Photo A Day June: The End

The last three days have flown by in a kazzzing! After a memorable Eurocup match and a long Friday, the weekend has finally tumbled in. And with it, my very last photo class today (read more here) as well as a beach trip to Coney. Even though a new (work) week starts in two days already, I am somewhat looking forward to it. We will have a day off on Wednesday thanks to July 4. I have never been able to decently celebrate the American Independence day in this city so far, thus I am eager to see what I can accomplish that day this year. I hope you have made plans as well – if you’re American, that is!

Let the challenge begin:

[on the shelf]

Thursday was the day Germany got to play Italy in the semifinals of the European Soccer Cup. Unfortunately, my favorite team lost to the fouling gigolos. It seems they are always having a bit of bad luck paired with too little confidence when it comes to playing either Italy or Spain. Either way, it was an exciting but also aggravating game. That one goal in the 92nd minute – boy, how lucky was that? Since it made Germany not look like complete losers, I am grateful. Hey, I take whatever I can get! While watching the game at a random bar in Midtown I also happened to be in a booth area where other Germans had gathered. Even though one guy was completely drunk and almost took the entire pub apart, the others were mellow and only slightly disappointed at the end of the day. The bar’s shelves depict my June 28 motive. Check out the sticker!


Soft colors found in my borough! A typical Brooklyn sunset I get to experience almost daily lately because of the great weather and the clear sky. I am still getting used to being around in an entirely different hood. It takes some time to unpack and re-settle. This was taken towards Carroll Gardens, which is a great neighborhood for grabbing drinks and food if you are tired of the Slope. I haven’t been there in a while and might pay this area a tribute very soon again. There is so much to explore and summer time definitely makes it easier to just walk to certain points instead of hurrying there through the freezing cold.

[a friend]

This one was taken a while back but I still like to look at it. The brunch had been a good one: Just the right amount of food and unlimited Bloody Mary’s – how could we not be happy?! This is a friend I have also been watching soccer with lately, so I call her my Eurocup friend. She is American but wants to learn German. It takes a lot of time and patience to get to know a language and culture well, so I think she’d be better off in Deutschland than here right now. However, she is glued to the city and only allows herself occasional visits to Europe.

That’s it! Finito! The Photo A Day Challenge for June has officially ended. As I mentioned in a previous post, I will not be taking part in the July Challenge. I went through the list and found that every day has great motives so I hope to see these on your guys’ pages. However, add me on Instagram (name is Laura4NYC) and I will surely snap a few pictures in accordance to the challenge.

Have a good weekend! Cheers from New York!