Photo A Day: June 24 Through 27

The countdown towards the end of the month is on! I am ready to ring in the last few days. This time it wasn’t so hard to come up with some motives. Maybe I am getting good at this, maybe I am just getting used to it. Either way, I decided not to pursue the project for the month of July but to instead focus on other things I want to discuss in my blog. I want to turn it back into what it was before and write about topics that are most certainly coming up during the following hectic and short summer months. I might still post photos on Instagram, though, so don’t be discouraged to follow me (name stays the same: Laura4NYC).

Here we go – four days, four opportunities, four pictures:

[On your mind]

Freedom and nature. In that order! I cannot stand too much of the city at once, it makes me nauseous. Which is why I love these little green oases so much. This was taken around Herald Square and yes, believe it or not, they do have those little islands of green on which you can dwell, especially during the day. I’ve been thinking about many things right now, but more so often about which direction to follow in the next half of this year.

[Something cute]

Wandered around in Madison Square Park during a late lunch break. Almost crushed this lady as I sat down on a bench to read and write but pulled back at the very last minute. I think she was injured. I cannot else explain why she never flattered away. Butterflies – they don’t really have a purpose in this world other than looking beautiful and fluttering from flower to flower and bench to bench, do they?! It takes longer for them to develop to their full height out of that cocoon that is spun around them but then their life span is only 2 months long. But seriously, does anyone know what the butterfly is for?

[Where you shop]

I thought about posting a picture of Macy’s! It truly is one of my favorite stores and I certainly love the sales they offer and the prices I can get for the quality of clothes. But then I went past Beacon’s Closet yesterday and took this fancy shot. So it’s here that I will most certainly become a regular at. Heck, it’s only 2 minutes away from where I live now, and I’ve already stopped by multiple times this week. Not that I am really buying much. But digging through their century old clothes or new arrivals – it’s so much fun to be part of the game!


Our faucet. Obviously. Trying to be creative, here. This is a typical American bathroom in an atypical American house hold. My first one with a bath tub again, which is a really nice feeling. It’s also super clean and tidy, something the other one was not. I like my new bathroom. I can see myself spending hours in here to get ready for the day. I am dreaming of having my very own bathroom one day. In my dreams, I can do whatever I want to with the walls, put whatever I want to inside the shelves, and stay however long I need to inside the room. Well, maybe one day my dreams will come true, right? Perhaps not in one of the most expensive cities of the US, though…