Photo A Day: June 21 through 23

The last three days have been a lot of fun. Even though I haven’t done too much writing lately, I have been doing things I highly enjoy.

Photography, for one. And yesterday was the second last class of my photography course. I am a bit sad it’s already coming to an end. The five four lectures have been so informative that I have many more questions following the new techniques. More to come on this soon.

Of course the weather here in New York has been simply amazing for the past week or so. Summer is finally here and the water in the ocean provides a nice cool-off at over 90 degrees.

The challenges were easy to accomplish this time around:

[Where You Slept]

In New York, New York. View taken from the Skyroom, a rooftop bar around Port Authority (read more on Rooftop Bars here). I couldn’t find a decent picture of Brooklyn, so I kept it to that. Gorgeous, huh? It still blows me away to see the skyline on occasion. Not to mention the views you have from an elevated view somewhere inside the city – just outright beautiful! I sometimes forget how pretty this city can be when you ignore the dirt and scars of the streets and people themselves.

[From a High Angle]

Our professor requires us to print our pictures out so I’ve been comparing a few stores and their ink quality. These are random shots taken for assignments for Saturday. I actually went ahead and hung up some of the flower pictures throughout my new apartment. The colors are amazing and make me happy every time I look at them. My own artwork within my own four walls – how awesome is that?!


On my way to the city I took the 3 Train. I never take the 3. Even though I am not familiar with its crowd, I highly doubt that random boy scout troops frequent the subway. Especially when they are from Connecticut and come in groups of 20. Yup, 20! They were all over this specific subway car and I had a lot of fun observing how they take in their ride (Hold your breath, we’re going underneath the water!). The older guys took great care of the younger ones. They all got off at the Chambers St stop so I am assuming they wanted to check out the WTC site. I hope they enjoyed their time in the City!