Photo A Day: June 16 Through 20

I’ve been having a hard time following the challenges for this month. For some reason the picture motives do not coincide with what is going on in my life right now so I am unsure whether I should abandon it or not. However, since there are a mere ten days left, I guess I could go with the flow and try my very best to accommodate my daily photos around the little challenges.

[Out and about]

German bar, German beer, German game. This picture was a day before the notorious 2:1 of Germany playing Denmark but nevertheless equally entertaining. How I will miss the games! And the excuse to do some midday drinking just because of 22 guys chasing a ball. But all things come to an end, and so will the Eurocup. Eventually!

On top of this, Saturday was the day of Celebrate Brooklyn and the Biannual Jazz Age Lawn Party! I went to the first one but bypassed the second one. I know my chance will be coming in August, again, and I am excitedly looking forward to it!

[In your bag]

On a random day I was preparing my salad in the kitchen while my new roommate was watching a sick movie on her Netflix. Curious as to how the story ends, I asked her about it and she lent me her book. I have ever since been reading this piece revolving around a serial killer and his life story told through the eyes of his mother.
Believe me, it is nowhere close to flattering. Do you guys know this book? It was published in the early 2000s and is a fictious novel inspired by teenagers running amok at their schools and universities. This topic was a novelty back then, I remember it vaguely. Of course it is still shocking nowadays but luckily it doesn’t appear that kids are shooting their teachers and students as often anymore. Or maybe the news are not covering it.

[Something we don’t know about you]

I write articles, blog posts and a book. And still, I very much entertain my own thoughts in a personal diary. I talk about these in German since that is the language I am most comfortable with. Have been expressing my feelings and life like this from a very young age on. It is one of those traditions you just never really give up, even though you have some drought periods in between.


… was the evening on that particular day. One of those nights were you are just surrounded by the wrong people and feel it is becoming a waste of your precious time. I had been rooftop hopping with two of my German friends when their American snobby stuck-up greenhorn joined them and from there on it pretty much went downhill. First he wanted to talk us into watching a boring basketball game inside (!) for another 8 minutes. 8 minutes in basketball equals more than half an hour in real life, thanks to commercial and more. Then he couldn’t stop making fun of Germans who didn’t know much about the American culture even though he knew equally less about our culture. Such a flop and the evening ended on an angry note from my side. The rooftops were gorgeous, though, although we only made it out to two different ones.

[Fave photo you’ve ever taken]

I’ve taken too many to really narrow it down to one so I am just picking a random one I still happen to like. Beach life on Far Rockaway – photographed a few weekends back. I almost did not pay attention to this scene when a girl in front of me was taking a shot of the exact same thing. Curious as to other people’s perspectives I gave it a try and now it is my favorite wall paper on my phone. Hopefully I will be spending more time at the beach this summer. I fear I have been waiting for too long to get my tan darkened!

One thought on “Photo A Day: June 16 Through 20

  1. I’ve heard of the book but I haven’t read it ( I started writing a novel about a serial killer, though not a student, when I was in college…I should go back and work on it sometime). I don’t know if it’s that kids aren’t doing that these days or that it’s not reported much…it could be either because I heard when they were being reported often that they’d been going on a lot longer and just not getting attention. In a way, maybe it’s good if they aren’t publicizing if it’s happening because some of them have admitted they did it to gain notoriety.

    I used to keep a personal journal, but I haven’t much lately (although the blog is a journal of sorts I pretty much only record events and try to keep excessively personal details out of it).

    That guy sounds like he would be annoying. It’s obnoxious to assume anyone should know about one’s culture no matter where they live but especially if they don’t know anything about the people of the culture they’re criticizing.

    I miss having a beach nearby. The closest I get is walking along the Neckar which can be nice but isn’t quite the same thing. I can hardly complain though since I have a lot of access to things here that I didn’t have when I had a beach nearby. Be careful with the tanning though as it can cause skin cancer, melanoma of which can be fatal (and less serious if you tan often your skin may look leathery when you get a little older which wouldn’t be fun).

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