Photo A Day: June 11 Through 15

A belated post on the mid-June days of this challenge! So many things have been going on, I am having a hard time trying to catch up with blogging and writing. This weekend has already been crazy busy and it is only Sunday morning – one more day to go, right?

Anyhow, I’ve really enjoyed seeing your pictures of the Photo A Day June and must say that I like the summerness attached to all of them (well, almost all of them).

Let’s start out with:


As you all know, I moved – again! I’ve had so much time exploring my neighborhood in the past two weeks and have come to find that I really did move into a great match. The trade-off between the size of the room and the lively area does not bother me anymore as it did in the beginning days. And this door belongs to a German beerhall which is almost right across the street. While I had been wishing it would open up in time for the Eurocup (and they probably had planned on just the same, judging by the size of the screen they built up inside) it hasn’t happened yet. Most likely they are missing still a few of their liqueur licenses or such. However, this door reminds me of the good times yet to come. C’me on, who could top a Bierhalle diagonal from you? I see one great night following another!

[From a low angle]

The week started out rainy – as so many times lately in the past few weeks. Perhaps following this half-a**ed winter is a disappointing summer as well? However, this day was special. It was once again “Movie Time in New York.” More to come tomorrow, the post is already lined up. Right outside of the Empire State Building a fabulous sequence was shot and I didn’t even notice who was starring until Wednesday. This picture is an ode to New York and the place I work in at the current moment.


A few weeks back I was part of a great street art project with Raquel Brust and some other friends. This photo was taken in May, so it’s not depicting the current day. I still wanted to post it in memories of the great time we had back then and the art we created. I plan on re-visiting the place very soon to see what has become of the hand drawn on the construction site. Might be interesting to see who tore it off or if it has stayed intact throughout the past month Read more about it here if you want to refresh your memory.


This photo depicts pretty much everything I had to say about time on that particular day. Today is now and tomorrow is then. I cannot believe that June has met its middle already. Just like in last month, the days have been racing each other to form an end. Time is so valuable we often forget it. This was taken in a movie theater I happened to come across when strolling the streets of Midtown.


Yellow is the color of my skirt. Yellow is my mood – very mellow. The world needs more yellow, especially in this city. The sun is yellow, the flowers are yellow, and the next trend color is yellow. The only thing that does not look good is when you put on yellow nail polish, I have come to find. I guess I really do not know what to write. It was a hot day and my sense of fashion style was appropriate. It was also Friday, which was good, as it was the start of another lovely weekend which ended up being way to short. Go figure. Can’t wait to read your yellow posts!

Now I am off to see how Germany will win against Denmark. If not, they’re still in the next round, which is equally wonderful! Ay ay ay!