Photo A Day: June 6 Through 10

Whew, the next five days are up and it is only now that I realize how much life has changed!

First of, I had my first summer flu. Or cold. Or whatever gave me a fever, cough, and sneezes. So two days gone, spent in bed and trying to fight the germs.

Second of, an awesome, awesome event has started worldwide. Even though it is only carried out in Europe, other continents are passively involved in it: The European Soccer Cup! And I am happy to say that New York is one of those few American cities that seems to be actively participating in the soccer fever. I haven’t had too many troubles finding bars that live stream the games. So on the days I was feeling better, I was basically glued in front of the TV of a sports bar. Cheering is so much more fun when you do it in a group, don’t you think?


Bought this goody in New York’s Financial District way back in 2010. It’s actually a man’s hat but fits my head just fine. I wore it occasionally in the spring and fall, but quickly noticed that wind does not go so well with it. I also carried it with me at the Governor’s Island Jazz Fest last year. A day that was absolutely not windy and made a perfect match for my 20ies themed dress. I haven’t used it ever since but maybe I will start doing so again. Hats have been a great accessory ever since I can imagine. I just recently purchased a sun hat to protect my head from the summer rays!


Well, as this was the day the sickness started I really cannot post any pictures of crazy margaritas or other alcohol. However, I did manage to gulp a few of Vick’s cough medicine down. It’s a great remedy and fever reducer, in case you were wondering. Water has also been a crucial part of my healing, please notice the bottle in the background!

[Six o clock]

It didn’t matter whether it was 6 o’clock in the morning or evening, the view was quite the same for me all day long! Beeeed! Sleep, rest, sweat, sleep, curse, rest… Still not a good day health wise!

[Your view today]

Number one: The first day I felt better! And I was glad as it was also the day I went back to school. Took a college class, the first one in 2 1/2 years after graduating. Have you guessed what it is yet? An introductory photography course on a few techniques of how to work with your camera and better your pictures! I missed out on last week’s lesson because of Montauk but the instructor kindly filled me in on the details. It will last until the end of June and I am so excited to see what else I can learn and take with me!

Number two: Celebrate Brooklyn! That’s right, Brooklyn’s finest musical festival has finally started. And the best part about it? It’s for FREE! Na da! Zero! Just walk in! Last night AfroCubism was performing and I got to see a show filled with highlights and great music!

[Best bit of your weekend]

The best part of my weekend was the weekend itself! Finally feeling better and being able to leave the apartment. Brunch with my friend today. Watching two soccer games with my friend over the course of two days! I probably hadn’t seen her in a good month, so it was good to catch up with her on life and happenings. It was also good to just sit in a bar and cheer for a sport you’re used to in Germany but rarely see elsewhere. Back to the roots is what they say, eh?!