Photo A Day: June 1 Through 5

Why do this? A fellow blogger had the courtesy to describe the Photo A Day May as my diary and told me how eager she was to read on what was happening to me on a daily basis in New York. It is mainly for this reason that I decided to carry on the Photo A Day Challenge in June. Even though I have the feeling that I am writing less on the topics I used to, it keeps me occupied and gives me the chance to reflect on certain aspects of the day. I also like the idea of participating in random things throughout the month. So overall, I am taking on the challenge for another 30 25 days – starting now!

Fat Mum Slim has composed another splendid list. Among certain times of the day, foods of the day, and views of the day, a ton of personal and recreational stuff has been included. Even more reason to be part of the photo project, especially since the summer is now in full swing.


June 1st was my birthday. The first thing I saw when I woke up was my hotel bed. The day turned out to be great: With the biggest pancake breakfast at a typical Montauk breakfast house, a tour to the lighthouse, and a quick dash for the beach. Then of course the obligatory birthday dinner, ending at an old-school outdoor fire place. So this depicts the beginning of a truly amazing day.


Empty was our car when we dropped it back off in Manhattana on Saturday. Filled with memories and a good time. More about this adventure to come soon, promised!

[On your plate]

The day I finally moved. I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN! Bags, suitcases, bed, mattress – just a ton of unnecessary stuff. After the move I tried out a great Mexican restaurant just around the corner. My area is called the North Slope. 5th Avenue is notorious for having a great selection of restaurants, bars, and other recreational spots. Los Pollitos offered a reasonable price for the quality of food they had on their menu. And the best part about it: They host brunch for a mere 10 bucks – including up to three drinks! I am well aware where my next brunch location will be!


Close-up of the American Flag. Alas, I do live here now, in the US of A. A bit of patriotism is in order. Walked past this huge piece of cloth swaying from one side to another when dropping off the keys at my old place in the South Slope. It had gotten windy during this particularly rainy and gloomy day. I found it to look quite beautiful then. New York is not the average American place to be. Aside from American flags, you see any other nationality represented on any random street here in the Big Apple. Which is what this city stands for: The diversity it represents and the cultures it attracts.


Stop! A one way street! Not to forget the notorious landmark of New York in the background… Life is sometimes a one-way-street. There is no backwards but only forwards. That is why sometimes we have to stop to reflect and see what other options are out there. Or just throw ourselves towards the end of the road. Maybe there will be a crossing waiting for us. And a solution to the problems occupying our minds.

So this challenge will proceed throughout the month of June. I hope it helps to keep fellow bloggers and friends overseas updated on everyday happenings. I am also still eager to see what ideas the rest of the blogging/ instagram/ facebook community will come up with in the remaining 25 days!

Happy Blogging!

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