#150: Photo a Day: May 30 and 31 (The End)

This is it! The last day of the Photo a Day May Challenge. It’s been a crazy busy day for me. I started packing all of my stuff, ran some last-minute errands, and then threw some clothes into a suitcase prepared for a trip out of town. My weekend has basically started today already, which was pretty sweet as I only had to work a total of 2 days this week.

[Your personality]

I am creativity. I am a beach lover. I am a traveler, I am a fashion addict. My personality is too complex to describe in only a few words, but those four shots above characterize me pretty well at the current moment. I am many more things, of course. Just like everyone else.

[Something beautiful]

Pre-birthday curls. By the time you read this I will already have left the City (hopefully). Getting ready for the big day. My 25th Birthday on June 1. I am very excited and thrilled to spend my special day this time with someone I care for and at a spot I like. We are heading out to the northernmost tip of Long Island. The boyfriend has rented out a car and maybe I even get to drive again after two months of not having touched a steering wheel. Even more reason to be excited, right? I love driving, you should know. We will check out some beaches, taste some fresh sea food and discover the little town of Montauk. Yes! Sounds like the best weekend I could wish for already!

I am sad that May has already come to an end but I am looking forward to a great summer. June is typically an amazing month as well (as pretty much any other). Many birthdays to celebrate, starting with my own. And then of course all those outdoor events and beaches that have yet to be discovered. The end of this month just means the beginning of the next. Life goes on!

I hope to see many great posts on how you people are doing with the Photo a Day Challenge in June!

Cheers from Brooklyn!

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