Photo A Day: May 27 Through 29

Two more days until the Photo A Day Challenge for May is over. Two more days to put together some shots of awesomeness.

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Mine was too short. But other than that quite entertaining. More on this to come soon (when I find the time for some decent post that is). But for now I can tell you: There’s been a ton of beaches, some ships, and even a BBQ involved. So it had been some fun-filled three days off work. I even almost forgot how it felt like to sit in front of my computer for 9 hours straight. Until I walked in today. Oh well, better get used to it rather fast than never again.

But let’s rewind:

[Something sweet]

It was not easy to come up with something sweet on Sunday. In the very last minute (well, almost) we decided to throw on the grill and host a BBQ. Veggie burgers, grilled corn, a salad – it all came together just fine. After gathering the equipment and food for an entire hour before, that is. Nonetheless, my friend had a brilliant idea: S’mores. My very first ones! And they were good, too. Even though the coals had burned down at that point in time. It took us forever to find a deli in Brooklyn with decent graham crackers. But when we finally did, the crackers tasted extra good. Definitely worth the hassle!

[The weather today]

Well, yesterday I was at the beach. Once again. Good ole Coney Island this time. Since I am becoming tired of always telling you about how awesome the beach is, I decided to take a picture from our roof at 8 PM. When the sun set. It had been pretty warm and humid during the day. 90 degrees (30 Celsius) – summer is most definitely here. What better way to kick off the season than climbing on top of your house and taking in the view over Brooklyn. Or at least the roofs. Ahoi!


This is a screenshot of my iPhone. Lame, I know. I merely wanted to point out the date, which I could not find anywhere else today. May 29. 2 more days of this month left. I am moving in the first days of June. Looks like a new stage of my life will start for me. Once again adjusting to new roommates, packing my bags, unpacking my stuff. I should be used to it by now. I am not, though. With June, all the fun begins. Open air events, concerts, and operas – I am afraid it will pass by too fast. Just like May, which was a month filled with appointments to look at one place crappier than the other. Leaving not much of fun left during those few hours in between work, friends, and other personal issues.

I have felt more and more that I am not living in the present lately. Therefore, adjusting my attitude towards enjoying the current moment is my highest goal to achieve as of now!