Photo A Day: May 21 Through 23

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! Fulfilling my three-day-schedule right on time.

With so much going on in the room search department I sorta need this challenge as a time-out from the every-day-stress I have come to experience lately. The topics were also pretty amazing for those particulars three days, I dare say! I was totally looking forward to finally being able to post my awesome pictures. Which I all took the day it was meant to be – no more cheating for me! Looks like I am finally getting the hang of it, right?!

[Where you stand]

Where would I stand on a typical Monday? Well, as of now, I work in the Empire State Building (read more here). And you have a pretty neat view from the 27th floor. After six months of going in and out of that office, I still like to appreciate the view. Especially with the current work load I am experiencing. So this is the sight you have from our conference room window on a rainy Monday on May 21 of 2012. I also downloaded this neat app on my iPhone: the 360 Panorama app. I highly recommend this toy to anyone who loves taking pictures of nature, skylines, or anything further stretched than normal. Totally worth it!


The color that makes me feel happy for no specific reason. I once wanted to have the walls of my room painted pink, but that was way back then, in the days of my teenagedom. I heard it is also the color of my zodiac sign, so maybe that is why I’ve always had a craving for pink. My bed linen is pink. My nail polish is mostly pink. My towel is pink. And on that particular day I was wearing… tada… a pink shirt, you guessed it! Pink is a mix between red and white. I also love red, wouldn’t have minded shooting a picture of the red dresses I have. But pink will do for now! Oh, and what happened to those fabulous pink glasses everyone had a decade ago? See pink, are we too cool for that nowadays?!


Where would we be nowadays without technology? I have no idea. I would be a bit more deprived of social life, education, and re-living a day. Through the use of my camera, for example. Wouldn’t exist without technology. I have been on picture tours lately once again. This is truly the best time of the season to get some photo sessions done. Park, beach, get-togethers… All kinds of fun stuff to do and which has to be recorded on a great camera. Currently I am still shooting with a Canon Rebel DSLR (see more pictures here). I had it for less than a year and am still carrying it with me a lot. Possibly a sign that is time to upgrade to a newer model, as I had initially planned.

I am generally speaking not opposed to technology. But I do think that it can be a humongous waste of our time. Couch potatoes sitting in front of the TV all day long. Video game freaks who’d rather fight a senseless battle inside instead of enjoying the first rays of summer outside…
Technology can be useful in many ways but I have the feeling it has perhaps drawn us further apart in ways we didn’t anticipate. It is about finding the right mix between artificiality and natural solutions in order to make our lives meaningful.

One thought on “Photo A Day: May 21 Through 23

  1. great pics, laura! and i love to read your thoughts/reflections! the photos challenge is most definitely a good escape/creative break from the difficulties that come our way. xx

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