We all have them. Little by little, they might have accumulated over the years. Maybe they just came crashing into your world without a prior sign of them. Just like they did with me the other day. Little unnoticeable things that can cause so much evil.

They can also show you your limits of what you can tolerate. Frustration, anger, lethargy, dullness, emptiness– so many different feelings at once. Broadening your limits or leaving you stranded. Also pointing out what is really important in life. And what is not. What seemed so urgent yesterday has become so irrelevant today. Whatever ruled your life before – hardships readjust your values. Every. single. one. of. them.

So it’s time to reflect. Once again, in this so far short life. I thought almost 25 would feel a bit different. Maybe more stable. Maybe less flexible. Certainly a bit healthier. A quarter century, what to expect? Not yet the age during which you’d anticipate too many bad things happening in your life. But I guess that is not age-dependent now, is it? Another misconception from when I used to be 17 or 18 or anything before 20. Or am I just falsely reflecting on my time as a teenager from my current stand point? It is mighty hard to tell after such a long time.

I wouldn’t have thought that time, occurrences, and diagnostics can leave you with a sour aftertaste at this age. Or that it would be hard to fight off the bitterness spreading through your body. I thought mid-twenties would be a bit different. Easier. Lighter. But then I also never imagined myself taking so many risks at once. In order to survive. In order to fulfill my inner needs and the dreams yet to be created.

We all have them. They are just defined differently for everyone. It is up to us to decide what to do with them. After all, it is all about the attitude you approach them with. And how far you can go to rid yourself of them.

And perhaps, but only perhaps, a little distraction would help, too.