Photo A Day: May 18 Through 20

Friday to Sunday:

Three lovely days have passed. Once again our weekend has been filled with sun, summer, and fun. Once again I was able to go to the Park and enjoy the weather. Although this time around was a little bit different as I was stressed – more than last week. I’ll tell you the whole story in a different post. However, I still think I managed to do the very best with the few free hours I had. And as it goes, it is once again supposed to rain from Monday on (all the way to Thursday or Friday, but since the forecast is never completely right I would flip a coin on that). Let’s start with the artsy side….

[Something you made]

So Friday, after work, I finally managed to do something I never really did before. It is completely senseless as I am moving out in less than two weeks but I finally hung up my collection of bracelets. Right there, on the old school wooden wall of my nice room in the Slope. A little bit of order in the chaos that is surrounding my life right now.

[A favorite place]

This should be places instead. My favorite places yesterday were an array of bars. Bars on 5th Ave. Bars on 7th Ave. We had quite a nice day with booze, sun, and summer feelings. This is a picture of the Austrian bar Steinhof on 7th Avenue (read more here). The day ended early thanks to day drinking. I think I might prefer this type of drunkenness over being tipsy at night and then missing out on the entire day after…

[Something you can’t live without]

Nature. And summer! So let’s combine it both and what you have is trees, sunlight, and maybe even a party. This weekend was the weekend of the GOOGA MOOGA festival in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. I didn’t reserve tickets, unfortunately, but I did get to hear the loud screams of the band and masses playing today. Most likely they’ll be on it for the next three days until the party comes to an end but that doesn’t count. People have to work during the week.
I wouldn’t know what to without the prospect of having summer every year. It is the season I love the most and where so much happens. Not only here but almost everywhere.

I do have to say, I really like the weekend challenges…!

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