Photo A Day: May 14 Through 17

What a busy week it has been! Monday and Tuesday passed in a fling. Wednesday was dedicated to catching up with an old friend from DC who visited New York. And today, well today I had a pretty good dance lesson at the Y – Zumba class has become one of my favorites!

So noooow, before I go to bed, it is time for the Photo a Day Challenge, or at least what is left of it. Isn’t it crazy how May has already passed its middle number? Meaning from now on there will be less days towards June, the ultimate summer month. I am kinda sad, I had a good time this May. But let’s not get distracted by nostalgia and petty memories. Let’s get the daily picture show on!


Here it is. Freshly chopped off lawn from Prospect Park. You will see many more Prospect Park pictures for the remainder of the month, so please forgive me if I repeat myself. I tend to do that, especially when I am very thrilled. Prospect Park is simply amazing, especially during spring, summer, and fall…


To wake up and already missing the person you just left. To share a meal together. To travel. Love is many things.

[What you’re reading]

Books! I to date do neither have the luxury nor interest in possessing an e-book or iPad. I like the tangible feeling of books. The flipping through one page and another phenomenon. The only downside to books can be that they are too heavy on occasion. That is why my shoulder sometimes hurts, especially after carrying the little brick with me all day long. Still, nothing can replace a good old-fashioned book and the sensation of touch, feel, smell. Yes, smell! Remember when you used to smell your text books back in school? Well, I used to do so, so I remember it fairly well. The fresh ink scent with a new book or the moldy stink with a used one. The book will never be replaced and I am glad I have the choice to choose from an array of interesting stories I can carry around with me.


Trader Giottos (how they like to be called) have come up with a peanut butter filled granola bar. So awesome! I know, it’s bad, too much sugar and stuff, but I still like to replace it with my breakfast. That’s why today I snacked a granola bar from Trader Joe’s. Sometimes I eat it with fruit, that’s the healthier way of doing it. I guess I really don’t have much to say about snacks but I hope you enjoyed the four pictures and tune in for the next Photo A Day picture show!