Photo A Day: May 7 Through 11

Don’t say it! sigh Yes, I know … No 3-day-blogging this week. But I sure as heck made the best out of it! Five Four wonderful pictures for five eventful days. So, let’s start with:

[Someone that inspires you]

This could really be you! If you love to travel, experience every inch of the world, embrace new cultures – inspire me! If you have an interesting hobby, are creative, can see in different spheres – inspire me! If you have dreams, have fought for these, and lived these out – inspire me! If you help others, are not too egoistic, and take care of others – inspire me!

Is it really that hard? I don’t think so! Anyone who is not wasting away or only thinking about himself, does not feed a small-minded brain or is near-sighted about other people’s attitudes could make it in this list.

Unfortunately, there are about as many people inspiring as uninspiring.

I chose not to post a particular photo as I cannot combine all the inspiring characters I have met throughout my life to one big picture. I therefore leave it up to your imagination.

[A smell you adore]

Body from Burberry. My first present to myself in a while. It came late, I only discovered it last fall. The funny part is that it smells like spring and summer. When I wore it in the winter it reminded me of the warm, fresh, and exciting days yet to come.

[Something you do everyday]

I take the F. I take the G. I take the Q, A,B,D… I rely on the NYC subway. And I also love it! I like all the different people on it and the vibes you get sometimes when you are among the good people. I have to date never felt unsafe or threatened in a car. I have instead felt very entertained and especially street performers always manage to make me smile. It’s much better than driving to work in a car and listening to your own music all by yourself. Every car is different, every ride eventful. It belongs to New York like the homeless do.

[A favorite word]

Fantastic! The whole wide world should be f a n t a s t i c !! If you are having a bad time, just say that word out loud. Sooner or later you’ll start believing it. If people ask you how you’re doing say Fantastic. They will feel a lot better than if you mumble a I am fine. Fantastic triggers positive thinking and positive thinking is just …! You got it!


I have been out of my kitchen lately. Long working hours, happy events thereafter – summer has finally caught up with me! I am doing my best to try out new things. This picture is from way back then, when ahorn squash was still in season. I still think it’s a nice shot, eh?!