Photo A Day: May 4 Through 6

What a fun weekend has passed! And thanks to the new challenge I have the chance to update you a bit more with pictures from my personal life and thoughts on it…

I still haven’t figured out if I want to post a picture every day or every week, so maybe I’ll just keep it at the three-day-cycle. It comes quite in handy for the schedule I have going on right now!

A fun Friday night at my very first store launch party in SoHo. More to come soon in a separate post but this is the scene in which I take a shot with some random Asian girls during the evening. We ended up going to Williamsburg after this and I stayed out until late, but that particular Friday started with a bam!

A tribute to my 2 and a half days spent in London last September. I had so much fun exploring the Brit capital, I immediately had to think of this picture when the photo challenge mentioned the word bird. Pidgeons next to the London Eye – who would not feel travel sick?

This is it! The most recent picture you’ll be seeing of me! Shot today in Coney Island, after spending a fabulous Sunday afternoon there. And no, summer is not here yet, but it doesn’t mean I cannot go to the beach, right? Despite the weather, I still had to bundle up a bit… I am quite confused as to how and when summer will start in the City but I am happy once it does. Getting rid of the rainy weather is a must!

5 thoughts on “Photo A Day: May 4 Through 6

  1. That’s a nice pic of you. I think the beach can be fun even bundled up. It has been raining a lot here too.

    • I love the beach, so it is ALWAYS fun! One thing I def do not miss about Germany – having no decent beach around! I heard today was a sunny day, though!

      • Yeah that’s one of the only things I do miss about where I lived in the States, but I really can’t complain, and I guess I should get used to it because my husband wants to move back to Dallas when he gets out which is pretty far from a beach also:-( I did find there is an island in Germany called the Sylt but it’s like 8 hours away so I’m not sure when/if we’ll get up there. It’s pretty close to Denmark though so it might be worth checking it out if we go there or one of the cities near there.

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