Photo a Day Challenge for May

They’re doing it, so I am doing it!

Last month, while I was gone and away on my trip overseas, some interesting little project started:

The Photo A Day Challenge (April).

And although it says on the poster that “Fat Mum Slim” came up with the idea, I cannot seem to find this mysterious slim overweight mother on the World Wide Web. So I am referring to Ginger and Liz, who have both taken part in this challenge last month and on whose pages I have discovered that there is a spectacular round 2…

The Photo A Day May Challenge!

So even though I do not have the slightest idea of how exactly this works (again, a shout-out to Fat Mum Slim or anyone else, help pleeease!), I am planning on being an active member of the community of daily photographers showing their lives in journal-like fashion through the eyes of any type of camera.

(And, for the sake of it, I will for now ignore the striking resemblance of name to my very own blog A Picture Every Day.)

If one of those three? two bloggers above could maybe help me out as to what exactly is expected in the challenge, I’d be more than grateful! Do you post a picture every day? Do you post 7 pictures a week? Do you post 31 pictures a month? And do you write much about your pictures? Do they have to be recent or from the same day?

I am leaving those questions up to interpretation right now. Below please find my very first shots of the past three days of May:


Never grew up around it. Never really lived close to it. But for some reason this calm sea always makes me wind down. I love the ocean. I love how it can change its mood suddenly, how it can become a stormy place but then a peaceful haven. It makes me feel that there is so much more out there, so many more opportunities to pursue. And it also makes me think about its strong history. How many people have sailed on it centuries ago.


Of course it had to be New York. The city I’ve been in for two long years. Manhattan view from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Something you wore today:

Only two weeks ago I bought two pairs of comfy jeans from American Eagle. They are to date the only ones that really fit and which I hope to spend a long time with! And the awesome part about it: They are really inexpensive compared to Levis or the GAP.

Writer’s Update, May 4:

Please visit FatMumSlim’s blog to see more creative ideas of how to use instagram and create sweet photo collages!