Super Bowl in the City of Cities

I know, it’s been two weeks. Exactly two weeks, as it’s Sunday today. I would still like to tell you guys how Super Bowl went on that historic Sunday. You see, I’ve never been a big fan of watching sports. Maybe the world cup of soccer, but that’s about it. Soccer isn’t too big in the US of A. Over here, football rocks your worlds – I know, I know.

So when I moved here and February came around (that was one year ago, to be exact), I expected a bit more from the city of cities in terms of game broadcasting. But I was disappointed. One coworker at work mentioned the Super Bowl briefly but that was about it. Not big into that at my old work, I’m assuming. My former roommate and I managed to pull us together and watch the BIG EVENT at the Steinhof last year, and that was pretty much it. No real sports bar in the Slope we could really think of and, overall, the Super Bowl experience was a big disappointment from end to start. It didn’t help that I didn’t understand the rules and that the Black-Eyed Peas messed up half of their performance, either. 2011 – the Packers against the Steelers, that’s how I remember it.

Now, this year was different. Of course. This year it was a New York home-born team against another New England biggie. I guess those facts by themselves made the game a bit more appealing. My friend had invited me two months earlier already to an apparently huge Super Bowl party of a cousin of a friend of his… you see, someone you know who knows. The party was set to be on Roosevelt Island. Because of this, I was excited in many ways. First of all, I had never been to Roosevelt Island. I was looking forward to trying out the quaint tram I had so often heard about in the past, and to catch the amazing view on Manhattan you apparently have. Second, I had never been to a die-hard Football Party and was thrilled to see how New Yorkers celebrate this event after the disappointing muteness I had experienced the year before.

Roosevelt Island Tram

So after a beer with friends in Midtown, my friend and I took the notorious Roosevelt Island tram from the East Side of New York. It doesn’t take long at all, that lift-like globe that catapults you from one world to another. Some short five minutes later we were on the other side and made our way to the loft we were invited to. It was a rooftop lounge, and a good 50 people had already thrown their dishes of snacks, cakes, and home-made guacamole on a table. A huge fridge served masses of beer, mostly Coronas. Yes, this was about as multicultural as it got: From Latin people over old school New Yorkers to Dutch-speaking Europeans – you pretty much had it all. While I still did not understand the game an ounce more than I did last year, I was barely watching it this time but huddled around the snacks and drinks or on the open roof deck, which offered an amazing view towards Manhattan. I don’t know about you, but aside from the performances in between (which I am not a big Madonna fan), the game was pretty much unexciting and uneventful. Those last two minutes added a nice twist to it, and in the end we all were in the right city when it came to winning. The Giants earned the trophy this year and everyone was happily dancing and/or hopping around after the final score. Overall, I was mighty glad that this year I had actually chosen wisely when it came to celebrating Super Bowl.

Party Table
Some wild post-game dancing.

Two days later the winning team came back home and had their parade in the Financial District. Of course I couldn’t take part in it, as I was working on that particular Tuesday. But it was a great feeling to be at the right place at the right time. My coworkers were telling me about the die-hard fans they had bumped into on the subway at 8 o’clock in the morning already – mostly from New Jersey or upstate New York (how could it else be!).

Now I don’t know about next year, but I guess I am just not a really big Super Bowl fan yet to care much about the football season… If only I had enough patience to sit down and learn the rules one day. I guess I would rather spend my energy and wits on other stuff. Sorry, soccer has definitely made it to me before you have, football!

How did you guys experience the match 2 weeks ago? Did you care at all?

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