This Must Be the Time….

This must be the time no one likes to blog…. I thought the winter would make it easier to justify sitting indoors and getting some writing done. But instead I find myself occupied with other things and pretending it is not winter anymore! Luckily, I’ve noticed from a few others (right Amanda, Ginger, Elena?!) that I am not the only one to procrastinate in the blogosphere… Free time is simply valuable for me right now. Working out at the gym – reconnecting with Ballet and Zumba, two dances I have ignored for almost an entire year, and doing weights – that’s what my fitness agenda is all about right now. Brunches on the weekend and getting together with a couple of friends long forgotten – such is pretty much my social life at the time.
Work is still challenging and lengthy, which means I love to make the very best out of the few couple of hours a day I get away from it. And the weekends, well they have almost become sacred.

February is supposedly the very last month of this half-a**ed winter in the City. We are actually getting a few more colder days now and then with an occasional flake of snow, but it is not sticking to the ground. Now, mid-February, I am not too worried about freezing and cold wind roaring into my face. I wonder what the spring and summer might be about…

Last week was one good Super bowl game! The NY giants won and even earned their own parade in the heart of New York. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has started last Thursday. While I attended one show last year, I doubt I’ll get the chance to poke my head in this year. Which I somewhat do not regret. Then, the Grammy Awards today, running in the background as I am typing. Some well-earned awards, some not-so-justified honors (Chris Brown? For realz?).
The death of the biggest inspiration in the Soul and R’n’B industry: Whitney Houston. Present in every generation simply because of her unique vocals and her talent, to be remembered in the (music) lives of many…

Good times and sad times intertwine. I’ll keep you posted on those. Oops, it’s been so long!

3 thoughts on “This Must Be the Time….

  1. Haha at least I’m not the only one procrastinating in the blogosphere. My USB drive with all my Germany pictures crashed and I haven’t had a chance to try to get someone to recover it. I still have some on my phone I can transfer over but it was bumming me out to think of having to go back through everything I’d already sorted, cropped, etc. I was actually thinking of getting around to at least doing enough to get up the next post today before I read this so perhaps I can motivate myself today or tomorrow. I am a couple days behind on my other blog (and my work outs too though :-/). That’s cool you do ballet and Zumba. My husband wants me to try Zumba with some people he works with so I might be doing that soon too. 🙂

  2. Yes, yes, these days I prefer to stay mute, as peaceful and quiet as possible. My blog is only for my own pleasure so if I don’t feel like writing to it, I don’t. Let’s see what it will be like in spring…

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has neglected my writing 🙂 I think I’m back though, I started yesterday and I’m going to try to post again today.

    Can’t wait to read more from you, cheers Laura, and com’on spring!!

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