Just Another Chillaxing Weekend in the Big Apple…

Last weekend was a really relaxing and fun-filled time off. Two of those days simply taken to enjoy the wonders of New York.
First of all, I got to discover one of the best brunch locations in the Slope I have come across so far. Giovanni’s offers Italian eats at a reasonable price with unlimited bloody’s and mimosas. For 17 bucks you get quite a huge amount of food, as antipasti is served before the secondi, with the first dish being almost the size of the second. We couldn’t finish up our plates, in a good way, that is. I have seldom tasted anything as well seasoned and put together than in this Brooklyn Eats restaurant.

... Secondi!Yaaaaaam!

With full stomachs, which almost ached because of the food overload, we decided to go for a walk and ended up at the Steinhof. The Steinhof is a spot that sorta reminds me of home but not really. My old roomies and I used to spend a good amount of happy hours and weekend time in the only Austrian bar in Park Slope. It also helped to only live two blocks away from it, as it’s right on 7th Avenue. Now that I’ve moved two blocks over, I have to walk a bit further, but it’s still less than 10 minutes away. For some reason I don’t go there as often anymore, it seems like a completely different area to me now. And I guess I people get lazy after some time, too.
So the Steinhof is a pub I’ve really come to like. They have happy hour from 4 to 7PM – every day that is. We got there just in time for our first half-priced beer. It still blows my mind how often the bartenders change in this spot. The waiters stay the same, as long as I’ve known them. Long long ago there used to be this Australian cocktailmixer who liked to flirt with every girl behind the bar. Then he got fired and ever since the selection of newbies went from grumpy bartender to bossy bartendress. Well, guess you have to get used to some things in your life.

interior of the Steinhof

Sunday was a day ridden by emotions and krass situations. First, the Chinatown Parade and our successful escape from the masses of tourists and other idiots longing in the wrong direction. Then I met up with another friend in the St. Marks area. I hadn’t been there in a while, must have been a few months ago, at least. We walked over to Washington Square Park. The day was beautiful, as the sun was shining and it was relatively mild outside. Winter has still not shown his rough, scarry, frosty face to us this year. Because my friend is shooting a video next weekend, we were on the lookout for various props. First a sports outfit at American Apparel. All sales girls looked like models, with a tall, lean figure and a funky outfit. I guess they were hired because they meet certain criteria.
Then we ended up in a stretch of the Village I had barely touched upon. It was the street of the second hand stores, how I like to call it. The MONK with its scented candle smell and its chaotic racks of muffy clothes. An army store where you could get FBI batches for ten bucks a piece. And many more little shacks which were fun just to check out. I am not even into handed-down clothing but it’s definitely an experience to just walk in and take in the vibes of such a store.

Washington Square Park at Sunset
MONK second hand store

Then Adorama around Union Square. It’s a well-known camera equipment store but the sixth floor has a rental section. After seeing the low prices on renting a lens for one weekend or longer, I was rather taken aback. Definitely planning on checking out a few of those items and shooting the power out of my camera whenever I get a chance.

A fine end to all of this: An evening at Diablo Royale! My favorite, favorite Mexican restaurant in the City so far! Fajitas and Enchilada time, everybody! And no, I still cannot get enough of it!

Diablo Royale
Diablo Ricky - the restaurant's specialty!

So that is how my weekend went. After the past two weeks of constant stress I definitely needed a bit of a time-out and being surrounded by people I like. New York has so much to offer, even in the winter. It’s insane!

5 thoughts on “Just Another Chillaxing Weekend in the Big Apple…

  1. That looks like some good food and fun. It finally snowed here again the last couple days but it was a dusting and mostly melted right away. It’s still pretty cold though. Can’t complain though since we made it to Feb with only one snow before this.

  2. Heeey! I’ve just had my own relaxing weekend so I was in a right mood to read about yours. So good to start a new week when two days went just right. My recipe is to have a day-nap on every of two days off

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