The Fifth Season of New York?

Forget about fall, winter, spring, and summer in New York. IT’s time for a NEW SEASON!

The past three weeks have challenged the meteorologists’ predictions and strained the New Yorker’s thoughts on wardrobe. It has been insanely warm for this time of the year. I think it’s time to come up with a new name for the fifth season in New York. When it is still cold in April, you say the winter has not vanished. When it is rainy in the July, you say the summer has been spoiled. But when it is WARM at the end of November, what would you call that? Fring? Spall?

Now I am usually not the person you find sitting next to you on a park bench and animatedly discussing today’s weather. No, NO! But compare today to 2010, during which this time of the year had been refreshingly cool, yes, even shivering cold, and a winter jacket plus some boots were surely needed. However, this year, after our first snow fall at the end of October, it has been sunshiny warm since the beginning of November. Indeed, it has been so mild, I packed my summer and fall jackets out again and even wore a T-shirt occasionally. Some days in between have been cooler, but now this week has started off in a spring-like fashion once more.
I really don’t know what to think of all of this. No one is in the mood to welcome the winter anymore. I am still hoping that this year winter has been miraculously skipped or that it will simply turn into summer in a few weeks. Insane thoughts, I know, but the current climate is really encouraging these. I don’t even know why I bought my winter jacket two months ago, but maybe eventually I will be able to utilize it.
When walking around the City or seeing people dress at work and in the subway, I see how they are equally confused about what to wear these days. In the beginning a huge amount of folks had their winter jacket in one hand and their shawls in the other. Now especially girls have considered the bright side of this climate change and are trying to pair thin late-summer dresses with early-fall boots. Wearing this combo in the winter is usually not very practical and doable, because it is simply too cold and the streets are drowned in snow, ice, or rain.

The sun is quite bright and everything around me feels like spring. But then the trees have lost their leaves, so they give the deceptive appearance of fall. Since it is definitely neither of those seasons and surely not winter, it must be something new. A season caused by global warming? Wouldn’t surprise me.
I guess I will simply enjoy it, as I’ve heard it will finally get colder by the end of this week already. So no more lazy walks in a sunlit park or drinking jamba juices in November anymore. No more mild brunch afternoons in an outside garden with a Bloody Mary. Guess I can really buy those heavy boots now, since I might need them soon. ..

This is me drinking a Jamba Juice in NOVEMBER while wearing a TSHIRT! Life is good!

Has your country experienced something similar? Or does this post make you jealous…!

11 thoughts on “The Fifth Season of New York?

  1. Sweden has been the same!!!! Warm & lots of rain, though. Well, warm, as in 40-45 degrees F. Still, last year we had tons of snow at the beginning of November that lasted until April. I miss it and I want snow… badly! We’ll see what happens! Glad that you have been enjoying the crazy NYC weather! 🙂

  2. It’s not snowing here yet but I hear that doesn’t always happen every year. Someone told me this is the coldest part of the winter and it’s only 48*F so I can’t really complain (and it turns out it’s that cold in Florida right now too which is unusually cold for there). Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts 🙂

    • Speaking of which, it turned cold just today! 43 in the morning, yicks. I know, not really cold compared to January, but yeah, cold nontheless. No, it does get colder in HD, be prepared. I am not sure about last year, but I had a white Xmas there in 2009, so it does happen occasionally. Usually the snow gets dumped on Germany in January, so buy some winter tires for the car, you’ll need them (once you have your auto). also, it should be frosty already in the morning. Have you been to the Xmas market yet??

      • Yeah that is a little nippy. Yeah I assume it will happen while we’re here but so far we have nothing. It was actually a little rainy this afternoon. If it is coming in January, that’ll be just in time for my birthday. Would not really be a present for me lol. I don’t really like the snow, but my husband has never seen it and is excited. I don’t remember what the tire requirements were for my car so I’ll probably wait til it gets here. Hopefully it will get here before the snow. I haven’t been to the market yet but hopefully we will go soon.

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